Tongxiang Fengda Bio-Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Name:Tongxiang Fengda Bio-Technology Development Co., Ltd.
About Us
Located in Wuzhen (a national tourist site of China) township industrial park, Tongxiang, Zhejiang province, Tongxiang Fengda Bio-Technology Development Co., Ltd. enjoys good location and beautiful scenery. Cooperating closely with universities and institutes in China, Fengda adopts the latest technologies to make research and production. Covering an area of 20,000sqm, we now have 2 production zones, 100 well-trained workers and 20 senior technicians, some of them are professors and postgraduates with studying experiences in foreign universities. At present, our No.1 production zone mainly produces Calcium gluconate, also supply other gluconates of ferrous gluconate, GDL, zinc gluconate etc. No. 2 production zone is for the production of controlled/slow releasing fertilizer series such as sulfur coated urea, sulfur coated compound fertilizer, lignosulfonate urea, controlled/slow releasing BB fertilizer, and so on. Standing both at domestic market and foreign market, Tongxiang Fengda Bio-Technology Development Co., Ltd., relying on leading technology, extraordinary product type, excellent quality and leading management system, is working hard for achieving great-leap-forward development; through improving economic strength and comprehensive competition power step by step, Fengda aims to be a true hi-tech enterprise.
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